How To Remove Links From A Fossil Smartwatch

how to remove links from a fossil smartwatch
Image by PDPics from Pixabay

Fossil wristwatches come in different styles and colors to fit everyone’s taste. For models with leather, rubber or nylon straps, they are easily detachable and adjustable but this does not apply to metal wristwatches, they are a little difficult to make fit. So, we will be sharing with you today on how to remove links from a Fossil smartwatch to get the perfect fit.

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Now, back to what we were saying. On fossil watches, the links in them are connected by screwed or split pins. For screw pins, they have to be twisted out while split pins can easily be pushed through the links. You don’t need to look for the watch manufacturers to fix your loose wristwatch bands, you can have it fixed yourself. 

Now, before you go ahead to remove links from your fossil smartwatch, you need to first determine how many links you need to remove so you wouldn’t have to end up doing double work when it ends up being too tight or still loose. 

Also, if you take out the wrong number of links or if you remove the wrong link, your watch may end up being lopsided. So, try on you watch to know what position it should be worn, gather all the slacks together and ascertain the number of excess links. It is better to take out equal amounts of excess links from both sides of the watch clasp. 

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Just follow these steps to remove the links from your fossil smartwatch. 

How To Remove Links From A Fossil Smartwatch — For A Screwed Pin

  1. From the side of the watch, carefully hold the left side of the link between your fingertips, use fingers that’ll be comfortable for you.
  2. Pick up a micro screwdriver and drive it into the right side of the link above the pin. Move the screwdriver in an anticlockwise manner to the left repeatedly.
  3. When the screw starts moving up, release the tight grip you have on the screwdriver and loosen it softly until it comes out. Do this also for the left side of the link. 

How To Remove Links From A Fossil Smartwatch — For A Split Pin:

  1. Place the watch flat on its side. This is the only way you’ll clearly see the watch pins.
  2. Get a screwdriver that fits the breadth of the watch’s pin.
  3. Use your fingertips to raise both sides of the link and move the pin out with the screwdriver. The pin is likely to fall from the other end. Do this repeatedly also on the left side of the link.

Here’s Another Way To Go About It

  1. Check the watchband properly, on the links closest to the where you’d clasp the links, there’ll most likely be two arrows engraved on it. By the edge of the links, you’ll see the holes where the pins have been inserted. 
  2. Use a thumbtack to prick the pinhole. Repeatedly hit the plastic part of the thumbtack with a little hammer or digging object in the direction the arrows point to. 
  3. Use pliers to remove the pins out once they’ve been slightly pushed out. Carefully pull the pin out, make sure you set your fingers straight to ensure the pin won’t turn out bent. Repeat these same steps for the pin on the other side. 
  4. After removing the two pins, you can easily remove one link from the watch band. With this process, the link you’ll be removing is the one that is the second closest to the clasp. 
  5. Fit the two loose links back together. This will be easy, the pins will secure the links. 
  6. Drive a pin into the hole at the edge of the link, make sure the link is in place so the pin reattaches to the band. 

If It Is A Hairpin Link, Here’s How To Remove Links

If your Fossil smartwatch has a hairpin link then it has only one arrow. The tools you’ll need to get the job done include: a bracelet holder, punch tool and hammer. Follow these steps to remove the links:

  1. Place the bracelet in the bracelet holder, making sure the arrow is pointing downwards.
  2. Drive the punch tool into the link and use the metal end of the hammer to hit the pin until it enters the bracelet.
  3. Once the pin is out, separate the links and go over this same process on another link.
  4. When you’re done, you need to fix the bracelet back. So, place the bracelet in the holder making sure the arrow is turning upwards. 
  5. Hold the links together and carefully insert the narrow end of the pin inside the bracelet holes.
  6. Drive the bracelet into the bracelet holder, use the silicone end of the hammer and drive the pin in until it settles in its position.

For Fossil Watches With Pin And Tube Links

This watch bracket does not have arrows, only a tube bracelet, and a pin. You can remove this kind of link from either direction. You’ll also need a bracket holder, hammer and a punch tool. This is the way to go about it:

  1. Place the bracelet in the bracelet holder.
  2. Drive the punch tool into the link and use the metal end of the hammer to knock the pin out of the bracelet. 
  3. Detach the links and drive the punch into the other part. Go over this same process with the other part. 
  4. After you have removed the links, insert the tube and place both sides of the bracelet together. 
  5. Hold the links tightly together and insert the pin into the bracelet. 
  6. Drive the bracelet into its holder using the silicone end of the hammer and gently drive pin into its position. 
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Watch this video for a step by step process on how to adjust the links of your fossil smartwatch.

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