Does Fitbit Show Time? Comprehensive Answer

Does Fitbit show time? If you’ve been wondering this, this comprehensive guide will answer this question in detail.

Does Fitbit Show Time
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Does Fitbit Show Time?

Yes, Fitbit devices are designed to show the time. This feature is particularly useful as it allows you to conveniently check the time without needing to reach for your smartphone or a traditional watch. Now, let’s explore which Fitbit models offer this time-displaying capability.

Which Fitbit Models Display the Time?

Not all Fitbit models have a built-in display for showing the time. The ability to display the time is typically found in Fitbit smartwatches and some of the more advanced fitness trackers. Here are some popular Fitbit models that can show the time:

Fitbit Versa Series: The Fitbit Versa series includes smartwatches that prominently feature the time on their displays. These stylish and functional devices are great for both fitness tracking and keeping track of the time.

Fitbit Sense: Fitbit Sense is another smartwatch that displays the time. It offers advanced health and fitness tracking features along with a sleek design.

Fitbit Ionic: Fitbit Ionic is known for its timekeeping capabilities. It’s a versatile fitness tracker with a bright and easy-to-read display.

Fitbit Charge 4: The Fitbit Charge 4, while primarily a fitness tracker, also shows the time on its OLED display. It’s a compact and affordable option.

You can get the Fitbit Charge 4 from Walmart.

These models are equipped with screens that make it convenient to check the time without the need to sync with your phone or other devices.

How to Activate the Time Display on Your Fitbit

Activating the time display on your Fitbit is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to ensure you can easily check the time on your device:

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Charge Your Fitbit: Make sure your Fitbit is adequately charged. A low battery can affect the display’s functionality.

Connect to the Fitbit App: Ensure your Fitbit is connected to your smartphone or computer via the Fitbit app. This connection is essential for making changes to your device’s settings.

Access Device Settings: Open the Fitbit app on your connected device and navigate to your specific Fitbit device’s settings. You’ll usually find this option in the app’s menu.

Select Clock Face: Look for an option like “Clock Face” or “Watch Face” in your Fitbit’s settings menu. Tap on it to access a variety of clock faces to choose from.

Choose Your Preferred Clock Face: Browse through the available clock faces and select the one you like the most. Fitbit provides a range of styles to suit your taste, from digital to analog designs.

Confirm Your Selection: After choosing a clock face, confirm your selection. Your Fitbit will update, and you’ll now see the time displayed prominently on your device’s screen.

It’s worth noting that some Fitbit devices allow for further customization of the chosen clock face. You can often adjust things like color schemes and complications to personalize your Fitbit’s appearance.

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