Fitbit Time Zone Error: A Step-By-Step Solution Guide

Encountering a Fitbit time zone error can be frustrating, especially when it disrupts your activity tracking and health monitoring routine. Thankfully, we have gathered all the necessary steps to help you fix this problem across a range of devices.

Fitbit Time Zone Error
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Understanding the Causes Behind the Fitbit Time Zone Error

Before we delve into the solutions, it is crucial to know why the Fitbit time zone error occurs. This will not only help in fixing the current issue but also in preventing future occurrences. Typically, the error arises due to reasons like:

Syncing issues: Sometimes, the problem emerges when there is a sync error between your Fitbit device and the smartphone it is paired with.

Time zone changes: Traveling across different time zones without updating the settings can trigger this error.

Software glitches: Occasionally, a bug in a new software update can cause the time zone to display incorrectly.


Fixing Fitbit Time Zone iPhone Error

For iPhone users encountering a Fitbit time zone error, the underlying issue often stems from incorrect time settings either on the phone or the Fitbit app. Here’s how you can rectify this:

Check iPhone Settings: Your first step is to ensure the time zone settings on your iPhone are correct. Go to ‘Settings’ on your iPhone, then select ‘General’, followed by ‘Date & Time’. Here, you will find the option to set your time zone. Make sure it matches your current geographical location.

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Open the Fitbit App: Now, proceed to open the Fitbit app on your iPhone. You will be doing most of the steps to fix the error here, so ensure the app is updated to the latest version to avoid any compatibility issues.

Locate and Tap Your Profile Picture: In the Fitbit app, at the bottom, you’ll find a ‘Today’ tab. Tap on it, and then tap on your profile picture located at the top left corner. This will take you to your account settings.

Access Device Settings: Find your device listed under the account settings. Tap on it to access more settings related to that specific device.

Set Time Zone Automatically: Find the ‘Time Zone’ setting in the device settings. Enable the ‘Set Automatically’ option so that the app can set the correct time zone based on your phone’s settings.

Manual Time Zone Setting: If for some reason the automatic setting doesn’t work, you can manually set the time zone. Simply disable the ‘Set Automatically’ option and choose the correct time zone from the list that appears.

Sync Your Fitbit: After adjusting the settings, sync your Fitbit device with the app to apply the changes. To sync, drag down the screen in the Fitbit app.

Restart Your Devices: If the time zone error still persists, restart both your Fitbit device and iPhone, and then try syncing them again to see if the issue is resolved.


Solving Fitbit Time Zone Error on Versa Series

If you own a Fitbit from the Versa series, including the Versa 4, Versa 3, or Versa 2, and are experiencing a time zone error, here is a step-by-step guide to fix it:

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Ensure Your Phone’s Time Zone is Correct: Before adjusting settings in the Fitbit app, make sure the time zone in your phone’s settings is correct to ensure consistency when you sync your Fitbit.

Launch the Fitbit App: Open the Fitbit app on your smartphone. It is where you’ll find all the necessary settings to correct the time zone error.

Access Your Profile: On the top left corner of the app, tap on your profile picture to open a menu with various settings and options.

Select Your Versa Device: In the list of devices, find and select your Versa device. This will allow you to view and change the settings for that particular device.

Find Time Zone Settings: In your device settings, scroll until you find the ‘Time Zone’ settings. Tap on it to view the options available for setting the time zone.

Automatic Time Zone Setting: Enable the ‘Set Automatically’ function. This allows your Fitbit to automatically update the time zone based on your phone’s settings.

Manual Adjustment: If automatic setting fails, opt for a manual adjustment. Disable the ‘Set Automatically’ option and then choose the correct time zone from the provided list.

Sync to Apply Changes: Once you’ve adjusted the settings, ensure to sync your Fitbit device to apply the changes made. This is done by dragging down the screen in the Fitbit app.

Reset If Necessary: As a last resort, if the error still persists, consider resetting your device to its factory settings to eradicate any glitches causing the error.

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Addressing Fitbit Time Zone Error on Charge Series

Charge series users facing time zone errors on devices like Charge 3 or Charge 2 can adhere to the following detailed procedure to rectify the issue:

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Ensure Adequate Charge: Start by ensuring your Charge device has sufficient battery life. Connect it to its original charger to avoid interruptions during the fixing process.

Initiate a Restart: To restart your Charge device, press and hold the button on your device for about 8 seconds until you see a smile icon and feel a vibration, signaling the restart.

Open Fitbit App: After restarting the device, open the Fitbit app on your smartphone to access the necessary settings for fixing the time zone error.

Check Time Zone Settings: Similar to the methods described above, navigate to your device settings through your profile and ensure the time zone is set to update automatically based on your phone’s settings.

Sync Your Device: After setting the time zone correctly, sync your device with the Fitbit app to apply the changes. Drag down on the screen in the Fitbit app to initiate the sync.

Seek Support: If the issue is still not resolved after following all the above steps, it is advisable to contact Fitbit customer support for further assistance. They might offer solutions tailored to your specific circumstances.

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