Fitbit Time is Off? How to Quickly and Easily Correct It

If your Fitbit time is off, you’re not alone. This comprehensive guide will walk you through a series of detailed solutions to get your Fitbit time back on track.

Fitbit Time is Off
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Step 1: Check Your Time Zone Settings

Your Fitbit device relies on the time zone settings in your Fitbit app to display the correct time. Any discrepancy can cause the Fitbit time to be off.

Open the Fitbit App: Start by opening the Fitbit app on your smartphone or computer, where you manage all your device settings.

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Access Account Settings: Tap on your profile picture located usually at the top corner of the app. This opens your account settings where you can make adjustments to your device.

Select Time Zone: Inside the settings menu, look for the ‘Time Zone’ option. It may be within a ‘System’ or ‘Advanced Settings’ submenu depending on your device and app version.

Choose Correct Time Zone: Tap on the time zone option and select the correct time zone for your current location from the dropdown menu. If you travel, you may need to update this setting accordingly.

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Save Changes: Don’t forget to save your changes. Your Fitbit will automatically sync and update the time.

Verify Time: Finally, check the time display on your Fitbit device to make sure it reflects the correct time.

Step 2: Restart Your Fitbit Device

Restarting your device can solve many minor glitches and refresh its operation. Here’s how to restart it without losing any data:

Locate the Buttons: Different Fitbit models may have different button configurations. Refer to your specific manual to locate the correct button(s) for restarting.

Press and Hold: Hold down the button(s) for approximately 10 seconds. If done correctly, the Fitbit logo should appear on the screen.

Verify Restart: After releasing the buttons, your Fitbit should restart itself. Check the time on the display to confirm if the time is now correct.

Step 3: Sync Your Fitbit with the Mobile App

Syncing your Fitbit ensures that all settings, including the time, are consistent between your device and the Fitbit app:

Open Fitbit App: Start by launching the Fitbit app on your mobile device.

Enable Bluetooth: Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone or tablet. This facilitates the connection between your device and the Fitbit.

Navigate to Device Settings: Tap the ‘Today’ tab, then your profile picture, followed by the device you want to sync. This path takes you to the specific device settings.

Initiate Manual Sync: Swipe down on the screen or tap the sync button, depending on your app version. Watch for a spinning icon or other indication that the sync is in progress.

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Confirm Sync: Wait for the sync to complete, then verify that the time on your Fitbit is now correct.

Step 4: Update Your Fitbit Firmware

Firmware updates contain fixes and improvements. Keeping your Fitbit’s firmware up to date is vital:

Charge Your Fitbit: Connect your Fitbit to its charger and ensure it’s charging. Updates can be power-consuming, and interruption due to low battery might cause issues.

Navigate to Device Update: Follow the same path as in Step 3 to access your device’s settings in the app, then look for the ‘Update’ option.

Initiate Update: Tap ‘Update’ and follow the on-screen instructions. Make sure to keep the app open during the update and avoid other heavy tasks on your phone.

Verify Update: After completion, check the time on your Fitbit to make sure it’s correct and that the update didn’t cause any other issues.

Step 5: Factory Reset Your Fitbit (Last Resort)

A factory reset erases all data on your device and restores the original settings. Use this option only if all else fails:

Go to Settings: On your Fitbit device, navigate to the ‘Settings’ app. This contains system-related options including reset.

Find Factory Reset: Scroll to ‘About,’ then either ‘Factory Reset’ or ‘Clear User Data’ based on your model.

Confirm Reset: Confirm the action when prompted. Your device will restart, and the process may take a few minutes.

Reconfigure Fitbit: After reset, you’ll need to reconfigure your device from scratch. Set up your personal preferences and re-sync with the app.

Contact Support if Needed: If the problem persists after a factory reset, it’s time to contact Fitbit support for professional assistance.

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