Fitbit Will Not Change Time: 4 Proven Solutions

If your Fitbit will not change time, this exhaustive guide will walk you through each troubleshooting step you need to take to correct the time on your Fitbit.

Fitbit Will Not Change Time
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Reasons Your Fitbit Will Not Change Time

The issue with the incorrect time display can arise from multiple factors. These can be grouped into three main categories:

Outdated Firmware: An old version of the device’s firmware may contain bugs that can cause time-related issues.

Incorrect Settings: Incorrectly configured time zone settings or even daylight-saving adjustments can result in the wrong time display.

Connectivity Issues: A weak or broken Bluetooth connection between your Fitbit and your smartphone might also contribute to incorrect time updates.

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Understanding these categories can help you pinpoint the exact steps you need to take to solve the issue.

‘Fitbit Will Not Change Time’ Solutions

If your Fitbit will not change time, do the following:

Check Your Fitbit App Settings

The Fitbit app is the central hub for all settings related to your Fitbit device. Checking the time settings here is a critical first step.

Open the Fitbit App: Locate the Fitbit app icon on your smartphone. Tap to open it.

Go to Profile: Once the app opens, look for your profile icon, usually in the upper left corner. Tap it to access settings.

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Select Device: In the profile settings, you’ll see a list of devices connected to your Fitbit account. Tap on the specific device that is showing the wrong time.

Check Time Zone: Scroll until you find an option labeled ‘Time Zone’. It should be set to automatically sync with your phone’s time settings. If not, you can manually select your time zone from the list provided.

Update Your Fitbit’s Firmware

Firmware updates often include bug fixes. Outdated firmware can be the culprit for incorrect time displays. Here’s how to update:

Connect to Charger: Plug your Fitbit into its charger to avoid interruptions.

Open App and Select Device: Open the Fitbit app and go to the profile settings to select your device.

Update Notification: If an update is available, a banner or an icon will appear. Tap it.

Follow Instructions: The app will provide step-by-step instructions. Usually, you’ll need to keep the app open during the update and ensure the device stays close to the smartphone.

Sync Your Fitbit

Manual syncing can force the device to update its time. Here’s how to initiate a manual sync:

Check Bluetooth: Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone and the Fitbit device is connected.

Open App: Open your Fitbit app.

Initiate Sync: On the dashboard, either pull down the screen or tap the sync icon. Your device should now synchronize, and the time should update accordingly.

Factory Reset Your Fitbit

If none of the above steps work, a factory reset might be the last resort. A reset will erase all data and restore the device to its original settings.

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Go to Settings on Fitbit: Swipe through the menu on your Fitbit device to find the ‘Settings’ menu.

Find ‘About’: Within settings, scroll until you find an ‘About’ option and tap it.

Factory Reset: Inside the ‘About’ section, look for ‘Factory Reset’ or ‘Clear User Data’ and select it. Confirm any prompts that appear.

By following these detailed steps, you should be able to fix the issue where your Fitbit will not change time. If you’ve tried all these steps and the issue persists, it’s best to consult Fitbit’s customer support for specialized assistance.

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