Fitbit Sense Not Keeping Time: How to Fix in 5 Easy Steps

Is your Fitbit Sense not keeping time accurately? This article offers a detailed, step-by-step guide to help you identify and fix the problem once and for all.

Fitbit Sense Not Keeping Time
Image Source: Fitbit

Identifying the ‘Fitbit Sense Not Keeping Time’ Issue

The first crucial step is pinpointing exactly what’s going wrong with your Fitbit Sense’s timekeeping. Here are some specific symptoms to look for:

Is the time frozen and not moving at all?

Is it running ahead of the actual time?

Is it lagging behind?

Understanding the nature of the issue will help you determine which of the following solutions is most appropriate for your case.

Restart Your Fitbit Sense

Restarting your device can solve minor glitches and bugs, which might be the cause of your Fitbit Sense not keeping time correctly. Follow these steps for a successful restart:

Locate the Button: Find the physical button on your Fitbit Sense. It’s usually located on the left side of the device.

Press and Hold: Press and hold this button down. Keep holding it until you see the Fitbit logo appear on the device screen.

Release: As soon as the logo appears, release the button. This triggers the device to restart.

Wait: Your device will vibrate and then restart. This may take up to a minute. Don’t press any buttons during this time.

Once the device restarts, check if the time is displaying correctly. If not, proceed to the next solution.

Update the Firmware

Software updates often come with fixes for known bugs and glitches. Here’s how to ensure your Fitbit Sense is running on the latest firmware:

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Open the Fitbit App: Unlock your smartphone and find the Fitbit app. Tap to open it.

Navigate to Your Account: Usually found by tapping on your profile picture at the top-left corner.

Select Your Device: In your account settings, scroll down to the list of devices and tap on your Fitbit Sense.

Check for Updates: If there’s an update available, you will see an ‘Update available’ message. Tap on it.

Follow Instructions: You will see on-screen instructions to guide you through the update process. This may include confirming the update and keeping the device near your phone.

It may take some minutes for the update to complete. Do not disconnect or turn off your device during this period.

Check Time Zone Settings

Incorrect time zone settings are a common culprit behind your Fitbit Sense not keeping time accurately. To check and possibly correct these settings, follow the steps below:

Open Fitbit App: Start by launching the Fitbit app on your smartphone.

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Access Device Settings: Tap on your profile, then tap on your device to go into its settings.

Find Time Zone: Scroll through the settings until you locate the ‘Time Zone’ option.

Review Setting: The time zone could be set to manual or automatic. If it’s set to manual, consider changing it to automatic so the device can update the time based on your geographical location.

Factory Reset

If you’ve tried all the above solutions and none has worked, a factory reset might be your last option. Note that this will erase all your data, so proceed with caution. Here’s how:

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Go to Settings: Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu on your Fitbit Sense device. This is usually represented by a gear icon.

Select ‘About’: Scroll through the options and tap ‘About.’

Initiate Factory Reset: You should find the ‘Factory Reset’ or ‘Clear User Data’ option under ‘About.’ Tapping this will initiate the reset process.

Confirm and Follow Prompts: You will be asked to confirm the factory reset. Once confirmed, follow any remaining on-screen instructions to complete the reset.

After the factory reset, you’ll need to set up your device as if it’s new. This involves pairing it again with your smartphone and possibly updating the firmware.

If you’ve gone through all these steps and still face issues, it’s advisable to reach out to Fitbit customer support for further troubleshooting and guidance.

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