Fitbit Is Not Updating Time Zone: 4 Proven Solutions

If your Fitbit is not updating time zone correctly, rest assured that you are not alone. In this guide, we will walk you through a variety of troubleshooting steps to get your Fitbit’s time zone back on track.

Fitbit Is Not Updating Time Zone
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Reasons Your Fitbit Is Not Updating Time Zone

When your Fitbit doesn’t update its time zone, the issue usually lies in the communication between the Fitbit device and the smartphone it’s connected to. This can occur for a variety of reasons, including problems with Bluetooth connectivity, software glitches, or incorrect settings on your phone.

These issues could prevent your Fitbit device from syncing with the correct time zone information from your smartphone. Thus, troubleshooting will involve checking both the smartphone and the Fitbit device itself.

Fitbit Is Not Updating Time Zone Solutions

If your Fitbit is not updating time zone, do the following solutions:

Check Your Phone’s Time Zone Settings

Your Fitbit relies heavily on your smartphone for accurate time zone information. Therefore, it’s crucial that your phone’s time zone settings are accurate. Here’s how to confirm that:

For Android:

Open the ‘Settings’ app. This is usually represented by a gear-shaped icon on your home screen or app drawer.

Scroll down to the ‘System’ section and tap on it.

Now, choose ‘Date & Time’.

Ensure that ‘Automatic time zone’ is toggled on. If it’s off, toggle it on to allow your phone to set its time zone based on your location.

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For iOS:

Locate and open the ‘Settings’ app, usually identifiable by a gear-shaped icon.

Scroll down and tap on ‘General’.

Now, choose ‘Date & Time’.

Toggle on ‘Set Automatically’ to ensure that your iPhone updates its time zone based on your geographical location.

Restart Your Fitbit Device

Electronic devices, including Fitbits, can sometimes experience minor glitches that a simple restart can fix. When you restart, your Fitbit device will refresh its internal software, potentially solving the time zone issue.

Press and Hold: Find the buttons on the sides of your Fitbit device. These can vary depending on the model. Press and hold these buttons simultaneously.

Look for the Fitbit Logo: Keep holding the buttons until you see the Fitbit logo appear on the screen.

Release and Wait: Once the logo is visible, release the buttons. Your device will complete its restarting process, which usually takes a minute or so.

Update the Fitbit App

Outdated software can often be a source of various issues, including time zone problems. Manufacturers regularly release updates that contain bug fixes. Here’s how to update:

For Android:

Go to the Google Play Store app on your smartphone.

Tap on the menu lines at the top left corner and choose ‘My apps & games’.

Find the Fitbit app in the list and tap ‘Update’ if an update is available.

For iOS:

Open the App Store on your iPhone.

Tap your profile icon at the top right corner.

Scroll down to the available updates and tap ‘Update’ next to the Fitbit app if an update is available.

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Re-Sync Your Fitbit Device

If none of the above steps work, forcing a re-sync between your Fitbit and your smartphone may resolve the issue. The re-sync process involves the Fitbit app and your Fitbit device re-establishing their connection, which can resolve minor data inconsistencies like a wrong time zone.

Open Fitbit App: Locate and open the Fitbit app on your smartphone.

Navigate to Device Settings: Tap on your profile picture or icon, usually at the top left corner of the screen. You’ll see a list of devices connected to your Fitbit app. Choose your Fitbit device from this list.

Sync Now: Scroll until you find an option that says ‘Sync Now’ or similar. Tapping this will initiate a manual sync between your Fitbit device and your smartphone.

Contact Fitbit Support

If you’ve tried all the above steps and your Fitbit is still not updating the time zone, it’s time to reach out to Fitbit’s customer service for specialized support. Visit the Fitbit support website to find contact information and further instructions tailored to your specific model.

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