What Is A Hybrid Smartwatch?

what is a hybrid smartwatch
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Just like what Arthur Schlesinger described as the “accelerating velocity of history’’, technology is evolving even in the minutest of things in our world today and “watches’’ are not an exception to this. It is quite interesting how a watch can develop from a time-telling gadget to take on some features of a computer. A smartwatch is an apparent testimony of this technological advancement. 

Smartwatches have so many amazing features like receiving texts and phone messages, playing audio files, fitness checks and updates and these features are aided by the touch screen. However, it seems the smartwatch is rather “too smart for comfort”. They are rather tech-savvy instruments that keep one’s fashion reputation in check as opposed to serving as a necessity. This is where the hybrid smartwatch comes in. 

So, What Is A Hybrid Smartwatch?

A Hybrid Smartwatch is simply a combination of the features of a smartwatch as well as the physical and aesthetic qualities of a traditional analog watch. The hybrid smartwatch understands that not everyone likes to live in a work of science fiction. Therefore, it is a perfect balance for a tech junkie and a watch lover. 

The exterior of a hybrid smartwatch is like a beautifully crafted mechanical watch. It has an analog face, the hour, minute and seconds hands, as well as the leather-like or cloth bands that make it look like an everyday regular watch.

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Features Of A Hybrid Smartwatch

1. Cost 

Hybrid smartwatches are often cheaper than smartwatches. 

2. Battery Life

The hybrid smartwatch has been able to tackle one of the biggest disadvantages of the smartwatch which is its short battery life. It can last weeks and up to six months before it needs replacement. In fact, some hybrids accept regular watch batteries. It is a go-to gadget for anyone who wants to avoid charging every day. 

3. Vibrator Motor

The hybrid smartwatch has a vibrator motor that allows one to receive texts and calls, as well as control one’s phone camera, and music player.

4. Tracker 

The watch allows you to track steps, distances travelled, calories burned, running, cycling and even swimming. This allows for more accurate information in order to achieve daily goals.

Functions And Strengths Of A Hybrid Smartwatch

To properly answer the question, “what is a hybrid smartwatch?” it is important to explore some of the functions of hybrid smartwatches to get a full glimpse and description of how it works. So, why not take your time to examine the functions. 

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1. It Is Your Best Time Teller 

The purpose of a hybrid smartwatch will basically be pointless if it does not function as a time teller. This type of smartwatch tells the time like every traditional analog watch with buttons for movements, hours, minutes, seconds hands and its leather or cloth-like straps depending on the type of wristwatch it is. 

So what makes it so special? Well, it is your best time-teller because it not only helps to keep tabs on minutes, hours and days, it doubles as a calendar checker and also a weather forecaster. It seems keeping up with to-do lists would not be such a big deal after all.

2. It Monitors Your Activities 

The hybrid smartwatch perfectly combines the functions of notification, monitoring for phone calls or messages, voice notification, activity tracking to the extent of a wide range of information and automatic goal setting. 

3. Health Tracker

The hybrid smartwatch is so determined to ensure the wellbeing of its users. This explains why there are so many functions relating to one’s health in some of these devices. For instance, a Garmin Vivomove uses its inbuilt ability and gathers information about the health and wellbeing of its wearer. It has functions to check energy level, pulse, stress, sleep, menstrual cycle, and even hydration. Also, the V02 Max has its main feature to be a heart rate monitor which tracks the heartbeat. 

4. Exercise Buddy

This device is your go-to companion when it comes to fitness and exercising Some hybrid smartwatches have the ability to function as a stopwatch monitoring the distance and calculate movements. For instance, the V02Max provides information on the maximum amount of oxygen needed during an exercise and the ability to track up to 30 kinds of employment. 

5. It Is A Mini Smartphone

Hybrid smartwatches are mini smartphones. This is possible through the screen that can perfectly blend the appearance of the analog screen to take pictures and play music.

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Shortcomings Of The Hybrid Smartwatch

1. One major shortcoming of hybrid smartwatch is the lack of a uniform label. Some devices, therefore, do not possess features and cannot perform the functions of some other devices. 

2. Also, another shortcoming that largely applies to most hybrid smartwatches is their vibration The hybrid smartwatch is being criticized for its vibrations being too weak to alert the wearer of a notification. 

3. Aside from that, many hybrid smartwatches have been criticized for the luminescent light which does not appear so bright in a dimly lit room. Of importance is also the fact that some watches do not have GPS inside them and they have to function on the phone’s GPS. 

4. Also, some hybrid smartwatches are outrageously expensive which makes many people raise the question of worth.

Why You Should Choose A Hybrid Smartwatch Over A Smartwatch

In these last few years, the smartwatch seems to have taken the spotlight because of its sophisticated nature. It has been commended for encouraging healthy living and serving as the perfect wrist buddy. However, when compared with hybrid smartwatch, there are several of its demerits that are not the same with the hybrid smartwatch. Below are some of the factors to consider in determining which of these two devices you should go with: the smartwatch or the hybrid smartwatch.

1. Price

The smartwatch is very expensive sometimes which confirms that it is a luxury and not a necessity for someone who is on a tight budget. A smartwatch might not really be worth the bother if you have a proper functioning smartphone, especially if you’re on a budget. This is because most smartwatches were designed to perform functions like the smartphone. 

The Hybrid smartwatch, on the other hand, is considerably cheaper when compared to the smartwatch. Plus, if you would rather go for something that will not draw attention, then the hybrid smartwatch is, definitely for you.

Tech junkies who have a lot of money to spare and like to make a statement with their gadgets, though, might feel less inclined towards a hybrid smartwatch and more inclined to a pricey smartwatch. 

2. Battery Life

The smartwatch was designed to function like a smartphone. Therefore, the battery life is like that of a smartphone which only lasts for about one to two days depending on the amount of usage. This isn’t exactly desirable considering that a watch is a wearable and you always have it on. You get to always carry it around all the time so why have to always remove it to charge at some point? 

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Once again, the hybrid smartwatch proves to be a better choice as some of the batteries used are like that of a traditional analog watch which can considerably last for weeks, months and sometimes a year depending on the usage. You would agree that this is a more “watch-like” feature.

3. Screen And Display

Just in case you have forgotten, a smartwatch is a mini smartphone, so it has a touch screen like every smartphone. Now, due to this small touch screen for a small watch, there is only little space for all the apps and functions to properly fit in. Therefore, watching videos, playing music, using apps may not be so visually pleasing. So why not stick to your smartphone or your PC? 

On the flip side, the hybrid smartwatch is created like a regular wristwatch, only that its screen is designed to blend into displaying other functions for its wearer. The hybrid smartwatch does not have apps because apps are better enjoyed on a phone and a personal computer, not a watch. 

4. Durability

If we go on to talk about the fragility of smartwatches, then you would see it is also a small drawback. The durability of the touch screen is not predictable so the durability of the watch depends on how careful you can be with handling your smartwatch. One fall could mean the end of your smartwatch. 

The hybrid smartwatch, however, is designed with a more regular type of watch screen serving as a covering layer for all its technological abilities. So, if you are more on the clumsy side and, then you might want to go for a hybrid smartwatch rather than a regular smartwatch.

5. Flexibility

A smartwatch is more rigid in design because of its wide range of technological functions. A hybrid smartwatch is, however, much more flexible and there is no limit to the way it can be customized. Some of them have their straps detachable and they can be interchanged to suit the owner’s needs and preferences.

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It is impossible for smartwatches to meet up to the standards for smartphones because all the hardware needed may be impossible to fit into that small a device but you will be surprised at the possibilities in the world of technology.

The inevitability of the era of digital smartwatches is evident but just if you need an escape from the reality of that happening in a few short years, you might want to resort to a hybrid smartwatch.

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