How To Connect A Smartwatch To Wi-Fi

In recent years, a lot of electronic devices have been introduced to the market in order to meet the varied needs of people. These devices include smartphones, smart TVs and, of course, smartwatches.  If you own a smartwatch or are planning on getting one and you’re wondering how you can connect a smartwatch to Wi-Fi … Read more

How To Set Time On A Smartwatch

Congratulations! You just bought your smartwatch and now you need to know how to set time on a smartwatch. In this article, we’ll be explaining how you can do that quickly and easily.  Thanks to synchronization between smartwatches and smartphones, the process of setting the time on your smartwatch is even more seamless and easier … Read more

How To Install Apps On A Smartwatch

There are smartwatches without apps and they are smartwatches with apps. Not all smartwatches are created on the same level as smartwatches with apps can usually do much more than those without.  One of the most useful features a smartwatch can have is the ability to support proprietary apps just like smartphones and mobile devices. … Read more

How To Unlock A Smartwatch

Hi there! So you may have forgotten the passcode you set for your smartwatch and now, unfortunately, you’re locked out. Don’t worry, forgetting things happens to the best of us and you’re not alone.  Unlocking a smartwatch is quite easy and in this article we’ll be showing you how to unlock a smartwatch in a … Read more

How To Connect BT Notifier To A Smartwatch

Now that you have a new smartwatch, you may be wondering how to connect a BT Notifier to a smartwatch. These days a lot of people now use their smartwatches to receive notifications from their phones without having to glance at their phones.  In this article, we will explain what a BT Notifier is and … Read more

How To Reset A Smartwatch

It’s hard to think of our lives without smartwatches. Smartwatches make our lives easier and that way we can easily do almost anything without needing to constantly interact with our phones. Some smartwatches also serve to monitor and track our health as well. Now like most bits of technology, smartwatches are not infallible, and sometimes … Read more